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Let us create a network for worldwide encounters

Together we want to build a structure that promotes worldwide encounters within the Christian Community and is available to all who are interested. A Christian Community in which we create a network of deep human experiences - that is our vision.

„My personal experience is that the desire for personal encounters within the Christian Community is great - in one's own community, in one's own country, worldwide.“

In autumn 2018, Herbert Warmbrunn, initiator of the initiative from Cologne, Germany, spent 3 weeks in Argentina to get to know Argentinian communities. Throughout the trip, he stayed with members whom he got to know there.

„The warmth with which I was received and the hospitality I experienced made a deep impression on me and planted a small seed in me. When I was back in Germany, I still felt the experiences stirring my heart. So slowly the idea developed: In the same way as I got to know and experience the people of the communities in Argentina, our Christian Community could grow together more in our globalised world. We could experience more encounters that create a new awareness through the unfamiliar, unexpected and heartfelt experiences we share.“

Intensive world consciousness through one's own experiences

This is what the worldwide encounter could look like: You experience other members locally, in their personal everyday life and tradition. People meet people, live together and take a small step in the direction Steiner describes in GA 175: „With every human encounter there is really linked a spiritual process.“

This is how we create worldwide encounters

Through our initiative you get to know communities from all over the world personally, their members as well as their community life. Each community has a contact person, this could be yourself, who is connected to the contact persons of other communities via a list.

Offer contact

Within the community, all interested members have the opportunity to offer their accommodation and support to community members from all over the world by providing their address to the contact person of their community.

Find contact

Anyone looking for accommodation and encounters in another community can contact the contact person in their community. How the contact person and community members organise themselves is up to each community.

Connect your community to the initiative

Already more than 30 communities from Europe and South America are successfully carrying this initiative into the future.

Do you find the idea of worldwide encounters exciting and are you active in your community? Then you can also connect your community with this initiative and become a contact person for the "worldwide encounters".

This is how it works: Enter your contact details here. Herbert Warmbrunn, initiator and contact person, will then contact you personally and send you further information about the process. If you wish, he will clarify your questions in a personal meeting.

 Phone: +49 221 6430 6208

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